Marketing Manager

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Seville, Spain

The mission of the marketing team at Yeti is to make people discover Yeti, love him and use him in their homes. To do that, we work on creating the best content for our users and discovering new ways to reach them. We focus on inbound marketing as we believe it’s the best way to start.

As a marketer, you will work with social media channels and analytics tools to value how well we are doing on those channels. Also, you will start collaborating on our blog as a writer & editor for which strong writing and communication skills will be required.You’ll be also expected to optimize mobile app store pages for our app so people can discover them in app stores. 

Last but not least, you’ll communicate with our users on a day to day basis to help them figure out the best way to use Yeti, support them and make them happy users. We provide our users with many channels through which they can contact us to solve questions or troubleshoot issues. Speed, kindness and effectiveness are key to achieve user happiness.


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