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6 Reasons not to get Yeti Smart Home

We finally decided to come clean and tell you all the truth about Yeti... -> Check it out.

Alright folks, those of you who had read any of our old posts might come to the conclusion that Yeti is cool. You might even think that we like that little creature in our smartphones, managing and automating our smart devices. Well… no.

You’re totally wrong and I will present you 6 solid reasons to prove you wrong.

1. You like to have separate app for every device

Everyone knows it’s much better to have as many apps as possible with many accounts and passwords to them. Personally, nothing makes me happier than many apps using my space on the phone, so I cannot even synchronize my Gmail account and read my emails because I have no memory left (true story). Our technical team works every day to integrate new devices. Why would you want  to control all your devices with one app instead of dealing with a bunch of apps?

2. Complexity of design rocks

Truly awesome app has really complicated design, looking like modern art. It should be totally unintuitive and hard to understand. Yeti’s UX is fully focused on usability and convenience. We want you to know how to use the app instantly, without the need to figure everything out for hours and that’s obviously wrong way to do it.

3. Awesome features make you sick

I know you prefer apps that have no good functionalities - it’s much better to do everything manually, right? Yeti has 3 main features – rooms, charms and routines. They all have different functions, but all are useful and fun - bleh.

With rooms you can group different devices by their location or purpose. For example you can arrange all you smart devices in your bedroom to turn them off or on when you leave to work. Charms are created for special moments - like party, romantic dinner, family gathering or relax. Routines help you organize your habits into schedules - You can set morning routine to wake up to dimmed lights or set your Sonos to play workout music every Thursday at 20.00.  These can really ease your life and give you some fun, but that’s definitely not what you want. 

6 Reasons to not get Yeti Smart Home

4. Convenience and comfort are for quitters

When you want to manage your devices, you definitely want to enter into many apps - one to turn off your Philips hue, one to play music on your Sonos, then come back to your lights because you actually want them on. Moment later you need to set your thermostat and make some coffee - more apps keep on coming! It almost cannot get better. Almost - because they can all can be in the mood to trick you and crash. Who needs solutions that let you save time if you can spend eternity on managing your smart devices? With Yeti you can control all the devices at once. It makes it much easier, faster and more pleasant, but that’s not how you want it.

3. Talking to a real person is overrated

If you have any problem with the app (or life) you can write to Asun, Luis and Jesus in in-app chat. I mean, who would want to talk to a real person instead of a bot, which does not understand most of your questions and cannot really help you out? You must be crazy to want to get help from someone who  knows everything about the app and is passionate about smart devices, right?  

6. You don’t like free apps

Last but definitely not least – this little beast is for free. Smart user would definitely prefer to pay a lot, we all know free stuff is overrated. If you paid half of your rent for your Sonos speakers and your Lifx bulbs you just can’t wait to pay more – this time for the software, am I right?

As you can see, you have to be crazy to get an app that is intuitive, fun and free and lets you control all your devices at once. Definitely do not click on the links below to get the app on IoS or Android!

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