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Connecting Yeti and Amazon Alexa - Beta Exlusive Access

Luis Pinto, Head of Content

Yeti now supports Alexa voice assistant. You can create charms for your devices and activate them using Alexa voice commands

We’re happy to announce that Yeti has now become compatible with Alexa, one of the best home voice assistants.

From now on, you will enjoy your smart home even more. If you are an active user of Yeti, you will probably have noticed how easy it’s controlling your smart home. But now, we are going further including voice compatibility thanks to Alexa.

What can I do with Yeti and Alexa? You’ll be able to create charms inside Yeti to control multiple devices and set them up with a command voice.

Try to create customised charms for you and see how easy controlling your home can be!

Right now Yeti Skill is only available for selected users who want to collaborate to improve the Yeti experience and help us find the best way to control their homes.

If you are in and you’re a smart home lover, you can fill in your data here so we can send you the invitation to the private beta test.

Installing the Yeti app

In order to use the Yeti Alexa Skill, firstly you need to install Yeti and create an account. You’ll need that to link with the Alexa Skill afterwards

Installing the Yeti Skill - Beta Process

Because the Yeti Alexa Skill is only available through invitation, installing the skill it’s a little bit different.

If you’ve signed up in our form we probably have sent you the invitation to your email. Check your inbox, you should have received an email like this

Email received from Amazon to get the Yeti Alexa Skill

Then, click in the “Enable Alexa Skill Yeti Smart Home” link. This will redirect you to the Alexa Skill Store. If you are not logged in, please log in with your Alexa account. You’ll be redirected to the Yeti Skill page inside the Amazon Skill Store

Yeti Alexa Skill Page

Then click enable and you’ll be redirected to the Yeti Login Page. Log in with your Yeti account credentials.

Important!: Log in with the same account you use in the Yeti app

If everything went well, you’ll see an image like this

Yeti Skill successfully linked

You can now close the window to proceed to create charms with Yeti

Get exclusive acccess to try Yeti and Alexa playing together. Empower your smart home with the Yeti app and Alexa voice assistant.

Creating Charms and making magic with Alexa

As we said at the beginning of the post, you can create charms and run them with Alexa.

Discovering your devices with Yeti

First, we need to discover all our devices with Yeti.

To do this, follow the discovery process you’ll find the first time you open the app. If you find any problem or issue during the discovery process, please report this in the form we’ve sent asking for feedback.

Once Yeti has discover your devices, you will be redirected to the home

Yeti home where to control your devices

That is the main dashboard controller for your home. Try to tap in the devices and also hold press to go to advanced device configuration.

Enable Push Notifications

Push notifications are required to make Yeti work with Alexa. Otherwise, voice commands won’t be able to control our smart home devices through Yeti.

To do this:

1- Go to you profile section (Top Left corner)      

2- Then select preferences

3- Enable Notifications

Enable push notification on your phone

Creating a charm

Creating a charm is as easy as swiping right and then tap in the + button to create a new charm.

Select the devices you want to add to the charm and it will be created automatically.

To configure the behaviour of the charm, hold tap and then you’ll see all devices which are in that charm. Press a widget for two seconds to configure the device.

You can test your charm tapping on it and see if devices changes as you want!

Charm Yeti menu

Discovering Charms with Alexa and activating them

Once we’ve our charms created and the Yeti alexa enabled in your Echo device it’s time to make Alexa discover our charms and use them!

Say “Alexa Discover”

Alexa command to discover devices with Yeti

Alexa should answer back saying that she has found new scenes! Hurray! It’s working

Remarks: All charms are now saved under the "Scenes" section in the Alexa app. Also remember that every time you create a charm you need to re-discover so Alexa can see the charms

Now, try to say “Alexa turn on Party charm”

Alexa command to turn on Party charm

Pay attention that you must say “Turn on” + “The name of the charm” + “charm” to activate it!

Remark: Yeti must remain in background to make our charms work. Don’t worry it won’t kill your battery

I hope you enjoy Yeti and Alexa Playing together :)

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