Can your addiction to smart devices seriously let you become a magician like Harry Potter?

A few words about awesome speakers, our tendencies to get addicted to IoT with every smart device and Yeti’s strive for seamless automation.

In this post I wanted to tell you more about magic that happens when you use your Sonos with Yeti. I am not going to talk on and on about awesomeness of the Sonos speakers. If you are on this site you either already have a Sonos and know how to be a happy user or you are planning to buy it soon (and taking into consideration the price) you do your research good. In both cases you are not a newbie.

– deep, powerful bass and clear highs,

– no plugging devices, no cables all over the place – all you have to do is click and enjoy,

– Ability to listen to the same music in the whole house in perfect sync,

– Ability to play different music in different rooms

– “Room filled with music” and other Sonos’ marketing catch phrases that you surprisingly agree with.

Yes, you know all that. You also know that Sonos speakers have a really good app that handles it all and makes you even more addicted to their product. Now why do I bother you with this post if you already “have it all”?

Here’s the thing – Smart devices are awesome, because they give you control, safety and  convenience  on a level that you have never experienced before. Managing your surroundings only with you phone is quite incredible, even addictive at some point. According to statistics the vast majority of the smart device users get another one or are planning to do so. Are you one of them? Do you have 2 devices, maybe even more? Do you think about having another one and another one? If  the financial barrier is not a problem for you, then why not? Smart devices make life so much easier and fun.

The strange thing is that even though getting more of them should make it easier for you, it simply doesn’t. Who cares that your devices are smart if you cannot control them all in a smart way, because every product needs its own app? There it is – The control of 2 or more different devices can be really irritating and time-consuming if you need a lot of apps to do so.

Let yourself have the best connected-living experience with Yeti Smart Home

If you have a different app for your Sonos, different one for your lights (sometimes you might even have two or three types of lights), your thermostat is controlled with another one – How the heck is that simple and life-enhancing? If I have smart lights, Sonos speakers and a thermostat, when I leave home I have to enter all three apps to turn them off (and we all know how they like to crash, when we are in the biggest hurry). At some point it might turn out it is actually easier to do it manually.

According to newest PwC Report on IoT, that’s the lack of universal platforms enabling seamless integration of different devices is one of the biggest barriers within the connected home environment. If you have at least 2 different devices then you know what I’m talking about. This is why I would like to introduce you to someone, who will not only make the control of your smart home easy, but will let you become a kind of magician if you let him – Your smart companion, Yeti.

Yeti enables management, automation and aggregation of all your smart devices – regarding the brand. He supports a wide range of smart home devices from lights and wireless speakers to heating and security solutions, offering you comfort, security and convenience. He lets you connect them all to each other and create routines, charms and groups – that’s where the magic begins!

Yeti Premium Features

With Yeti it is possible to connect your Sonos speakers with your Hue Lights and create awesome party charm. Or maybe create the romantic atmosphere with chilly temperature on your Nest thermostat, cool Spotify playlist and gentle lights?

How about waking up to your favorite song and the smell of fresh coffee in the morning with Yeti’s routines?

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